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‘What have they won?’ – Critics of Harry Kane and Robbie Keane miss the point


It remains a mystery that while Dubliner Keane was setting an Ireland goal-scoring record that was unlikely to ever be broken, he was constantly accused of being an under-achiever, having won enough trophies in his career. Did not live -Brilliant.


A generation ahead and the number 10 jersey striker Keane has made his own at Tottenham, often faced with similar ‘crimes’ offered by those wishing to belittle his achievements Huh.

Keane and Kane have been criticized for lacking pace, for failing to shine in the biggest moments and the justification for the derided is always their lack of trophy success.

Yet this is more a Tottenham and Ireland/England issue than a Keane or Kane problem because simply being the best player on your team will not be enough to take you to the game’s biggest prizes.

Every champion needs support acts to achieve their ambitions and this is why those who suggest Keane and Kane are over-rated are misguided.


Keane was accused of setting his international scoring records against the world’s smaller nations, even though he has competitive goals against Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain and France on his unblemished record.

And none of the goals above, against the top teams in the world, were scored in Dublin!

The folly of some misguided observers, who wanted Keane to be thrown into the dustbin of international football long before he kicked his last ball for Ireland, has been exposed by the reality that seven years later, he is close to being replaced. Neither is it.


Similarly, Kane has faced barbs that his England and Spurs goal-scoring feats have been boosted by a substantial number of penalties, as he is often singled out for failing in the games that matter most.

You only needed to listen to the radio phone-ins after England’s game at the World Cup to understand this flow of distance – angry England ‘fans’ demanded that Kane be dropped in favor of Marcus Rashford.

While Kane starred in the last-16 game against Senegal, the quarter-final against France gave his critics the fresh ammunition they needed.


As Kane fired his penalty over the crossbar to end England’s World Cup dream last month, a familiar band of critics was ready to chime in.

Social media channels were immediately flooded with comments that Kane was a loser who lacked the pace and quality to cut it with the modern legends of the game.

Some of the abuse was wildly unpleasant and if it had been directed at other players, as was the case following England’s embarrassing Euro 2020 final defeat, it would have grabbed headlines for days.

Yet Kane, like Keane before him, continues to make records despite skeptics trying to poke holes in his makeup.

Achievement can be measured in many ways and this is a day when Kane can secure his greatest moment in a Tottenham shirt.

Kane finally equaled the long-standing Tottenham goal-scoring record set by Jimmy Greaves with his winning goal against Fulham on Monday night, yet fans continue to question whether this Premier League icon is going to come his way deserves praise.

It is difficult to fathom why two sportspersons, who have enjoyed very similar success stories, do not get their achievements appreciated.

After all, the greatest success in any sport is to make full use of your talents.

Yet if you subscribe to the misguided logic that trophies are the only barometer for success, then Keane and Kane should be cast as failures.

Wayne Rooney’s success in overhauling Bobby Charlton’s all-time Manchester United scoring record in 2017 had to be applauded in an era when players did not tend to stay at clubs for long.

Now Kane has equaled the Tottenham scoring record set 53 years ago by the late, great, Greaves.

The ‘what has he won’ brigade when it comes to Kane is exposed as being misinformed on so many levels and even though he may not have the medals to confirm his class, his achievements speak for themselves. Huh.

The prolific marksman is now certain to end his career as England and Tottenham’s leading scorer and could even overhaul Alan Shearer’s all-time record of 260 Premier League goals in the next two or three years.

that Keane and Kane have achieved so much in teams that the lack of players of their caliber makes their achievements all the more impressive.


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