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Wearable Posture Correctors – The Perco Lynn Collection is on sale now


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Heavy bags, falling on the couch, desk work, or perhaps a medical condition can all wreak havoc with your posture, but perco Created a solution, or three, to improve your stance for the long haul.

French brand has created a trio of wearable posture correctors Lynn Up, Lynn Fit and Lynn Home CollectionsThose are recognized by the MHRA as medical devices to strengthen back muscles, realign your spine, lengthen your posture and reduce back, hip and shoulder pain.

Percko’s Line Up Creations include the Everyday Vest, designed for everyday wear, the Lynn Fit Sports Top to protect your back during exercise, while the Lynn Home Design provides needed support while completing tasks around the house , such as working out, cooking, cleaning, gardening or DIY.

All of Lynn’s designs provide drug-free pain relief to resolve back pain and correct poor posture, of any age or size, in just a few weeks.


The proof is in the pudding, as research by Perco found that over 72.5% of shoppers reported reduced back pain since wearing the Lin Up Top.

The good news doesn’t stop there because the Lynn Creations are on sale now.

shopkeepers who buy anything Percko’s Lyne collections are eligible for 40% off their second purchase, One t-shirt costs £99, while two will set you back £158.40 instead of £198, a definite saving.


No discount code required, all you have to do is pick two items from any Lyn range, you can mix and match and watch the price come down automatically on the way out,

The range is available in a variety of colors and can be worn discreetly under other clothing

The method behind Percko’s magic lies in the Elastic Tensor, also known as Percko’s patented Linn technology. These tensors are located in the lower back to align the spine and pelvis along with the shoulders to open the chest.

The dual action of the sensors work similarly to kinesio tape, as they support the targeted area, reduce any soreness, and correct posture, while the OEKO-TEX breathable fabric ensures the wearer’s optimal all-day comfort ensures comfort.


everything in Percko’s Lyne Mountains Can be worn discreetly under clothing. Simply slip into the T-shirt or vest, adjust the fastening around the belly to suit your comfort, layer on your outfit and let the innovative design do its work in complete discretion.

Percko recommends wearing the Lin design of your choice solidly for 21 days, so your body subconsciously adapts and learns a healthy posture habit. After three weeks running, buyers can choose to wear the top twice a week to maintain an upright stance. It really is that simple.

Percko’s Line Up Everyday Vest comes in two styles; A V-neck T-shirt for men, or a tank top for women, both come in black or nude colors.

The Lynn Fit Top comes in the same two styles, but in black or royal blue, while the Lynn Home is a style and color for men as well as women, and fits like a rucksack.

To find your perfect Percko sizewWomen will need to submit their height, bra size and cup size when ordering their favorite apparel, while men will need to share their weight, height and age.

Percko’s inclusive and practical innovations promise major natural health benefits with affordable price tags, so it’s no surprise the label has garnered glowing reviews from shoppers, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot Rating . Percko has a 100-day return option.

Throw a massive 40% off discount into the mix, it’s safe to say the Lynn range is an investment your body will thank you for. if not,

But you have to be quick The deal ends online February 7th.

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