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Traitor star Kieran Tomsett addresses ‘hoax’ claims


The Traitors star Kieran Tomsett has claimed he cheated on the final show after some viewers accused him of breaking the rules.


During the final round table of the BBC’s hugely popular new reality show, Kieran dropped a huge clue as leading Faithful Aaron Evans, Meryl Williams and Hannah Byczkowski decided who to vote out.

Just days earlier, Kieran had been recruited by con artist Wilf Webster to help him steal the £101,050 jackpot.

Ultimately, Wilf planted the seed that Kieran was a traitor ahead of the final roundtable, leading to Kieran gifting Faithfull with a “parting gift” when Wilfred’ name was unveiled on his board.

Some fans thought the move was outside the rules of the game and accused Kieran of “cheating”, followed by Hannah and Aaron saying Wilf was the ultimate traitor.


The BBC later also released a statement, insisting that Kieran had not breached any rules.

Addressing the fraud claims himself, Kieran explained If he had violated the rules of the show, he would not have got away with it.

“If it was cheating, it would have been stopped there and then not cut until six months after it was made,” he said.


“People say I broke the rules, there are only 22 players who have ever played the game Traitor: We know the rules, we know the parameters and how they are set.

“You can openly sit at that table like Wilf did and say it’s Amanda or Alyssa, I can stand up and say Wilf I think you’re a traitor for XY reasons, I can say that I can

“What you can’t do is, I know Wilf is a traitor because I am a traitor. That’s a violation of the code, so all you can do is sow the seed.”


Kieran insisted that he and Wilf have remained close friends since the show’s dramatic finale.

“She has no complaints, I have no complaints, but some people are making a big argument about it, and Wilf and I are absolutely fine,” he said.

Traitor finalists (clockwise from top) Aaron, Hannah, Kieran, Meryl and Wilfred with host Claudia Winkleman (front center).
Traitor finalists (clockwise from top) Aaron, Hannah, Kieran, Meryl and Wilfred with host Claudia Winkleman (front center).

Meryl, Hannah and Aaron were finally crowned winners after they managed to beat trappers Kieran and Wilfred to win £101,050 in the high-stakes final episode.

After being outed as a traitor, Wilf said: “I literally lost over a hundred grand to these three wonderful people and I’m really glad they’re happy. The pressure’s gone, the money’s gone. Never mind, I’m happy. I enjoyed my time.”

Cheaters is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.


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