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The ‘doomsday clock’ for Armageddon reset just 90 seconds

Humanity has never been closer to the risk of annihilation as nuclear scientists reset ‘doomsday’ for just 90 seconds to midnight today.

The clock, made by the US-based Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, moved its “time” 90 seconds to midnight to indicate how close humanity has come to the end of the world.


That’s closer to 10 seconds than in the past three years, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised threats of nuclear war, climate change and disease.

Midnight on the clock signals the end of the world or Armageddon and scientists fear the threat of annihilation is rising as the war in Ukraine enters its second year next month.

The clock was created in 1947 by a group of nuclear scientists, including Albert Einstein, who worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II to develop the world’s first nuclear weapon.


It began ticking at seven minutes to midnight, but was rolled back at 17 minutes to midnight – the furthest until ‘doomsday’ since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the official end of the Cold War with treaties signed by the US. Soviet Union to reduce its nuclear weapons arsenal.

The latest clock was unveiled in Washington by members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and former Irish President Mary Robinson.

Rachel Bronson, Bulletin’s president and CEO, said at a press conference that the clock is now closer to midnight than ever before.


“Russia’s threats to use nuclear weapons remind the world that escalating conflict by accident, intent or miscalculation is a terrible risk. The likelihood that conflict could spiral out of anyone’s control is very high,” he said. Is.”

The Chicago-based non-profit organization has announced an annual re-set of the clock for the first time in Russian and Ukrainian to draw attention there.

The clock is reset based on the most up-to-date information on catastrophic risks to the planet and humanity by the organization’s board of scientists and experts in nuclear technology and climate.


The clock was set at 100 seconds to midnight from 2020, which was already closest to midnight.

The board said the war in Ukraine also increased the risk that biological weapons could be deployed if the conflict continued.

Ms Bronson said, “The constant stream of misinformation about biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine raises concerns that Russia may be looking to deploy such weapons itself.”

Sivan Kartha, a bulletin board member and scientist at the Stockholm Environmental Institute, said the war caused natural gas prices to reach new highs, which prompted companies to develop sources of natural gas outside Russia and power plants to switch to alternative energy. Switched to coal as a source. ,

“Global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, after returning to an all-time high from the post-Covid economic fallout in 2021, continue to rise in 2022 and reach another record high…Emissions still rising , weather extremes, and were even more clearly attributable to climate change,” Kartha said, pointing to the devastating floods in Pakistan in 2022 as an example.

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