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Tarte will benefit from extravagance on its face, despite criticism


Makeup brand Tarte has come under fire for taking influencers on an exclusive press trip to Dubai. From what the invitees have shared on TkkTok, it appears the trip includes: business-class, return flights to Dubai, accommodation at the Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Hamra Beach in private, luxury villas, Also a plus-one.


But the trip is not sitting well with everyone. Some think that taking the affected on an expensive trip in the midst of a life-threatening crisis is insensitive and out of touch.

Tiktok user @madddyyyc says, “These rich influencers are living this extravagant life that they’re not paying for, telling me what products to buy that don’t sit well with me.”

“Inflation is insane, gas prices are so high and the American people are struggling,” she adds. One user commented, “Like how it makes consumers want to buy a product”. Another user said, “This seems a little deaf on Tarte’s part.”

However, other users do not understand the controversy. Some users say it’s ideal for impactful trips.


In 2018, Tarte took influencers to Bora Bora, and last year Benefit Cosmetics faced criticism after inviting influencers on a PR trip to Hawaii despite the island not being there. asking potential visitors Avoid traveling due to over tourism.

While this may come across as insensitive, or tone-deaf, to some, the trip is getting huge publicity for the brand. The controversy is influencing more people to speak up about the brand and the journey, and the Tarte journey is mentioned in nearly every other video on my own TikTok feed.

HuffPost UK reached out to Tarte for comment, and its founder and CEO Maureen Kelly said that each brand makes decisions about its marketing strategies:


“In advertising, some have billboards in Times Square, some have multi-million dollar celebrity contracts. At Tarte, we have never relied on traditional advertising, and we choose to invest in making connections and building our communities says Kelly.

“We want to build relationships with real people and creators around the world, while giving back with every launch. Along this journey, we bring together an inspiring group of creators from around the world to become one of our fastest growing markets. brought in,” she said.

“Together we are focused on lifting others up, starting with a donation to a local charity in honor of each attendee that supports the advancement of women everywhere. We can’t wait to share more details when the product hits the market!”


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