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Stacey Solomon reflects on the vulnerability of giving birth

Stacey Solomon has opened up about giving birth for the first time, saying she’s made her own mortality a question.


The TV personality, who is set to return to screens in a new series of Sort Your Life Out on January 25, spoke to HuffPost UK about her experience of birth when her eldest son Zachary was in his late teens .

Solomon, now 33, is set to give birth to her fifth child any day now, and was reflecting on her first birth — and what she can say to others experiencing it for the first time.

“I think there’s a fine line between saying woman Something that might scare them or something that might empower them,” she told HuffPost UK.

“I’ve always felt like honesty is the best policy, because when I had Zachary, I felt blindsided by people just saying: ‘Don’t worry, it hurts a little but it doesn’t matter. People do it over and over again and you’ll forget about the pain,’ and[being]dismissive of the fact that it’s a huge physical thing for your body to do.


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