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NHS chief slams government reform efforts: ‘As popular as a cup of cold sick’


The government’s approach to ongoing strikes within the health service is popularly known as a “cold cup”, according to the president of the NHS Confederation.


Lord Victor Adebowale, president of the NHS confederation, told BBC Question Time on Thursday how it was time a proper pay rise plan was put in place to bail out the health service.

Nurses, ambulance drivers and potentially junior doctors are all pushing back against low public sector pay – amid their tough working conditions alongside the life crisis, inflation and a looming recession.

Suggesting that the time had passed for the government to really act, Adibowale said: “I was in the hospital the other day – if I went up to the nurses who were looking after people in the corridors and said, ‘ You know what we need now, ‘well, this will be almost as popular as a cup of cold sick.’

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