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Love Islanders left shocked after new bombshell during reunion


Love Island contestants were in for a shock after learning of a surprise recast following the arrival of two new bombshells.


Ellie Spence, a 25-year-old business development executive at a law firm, and Spencer Wilkes, a 24-year-old e-commerce owner, moved into the villa as the boys prepared to reconnect.

A text message revealed that the Bombshells would have the opportunity to choose which archipelago they wanted to choose before the boys continued with the reunion ritual.

Norwich-based Ellie, who said she brings “drama and unpredictability”, said: “I’m single because I fall in love really quickly, but I’m out of it just as quickly.

“When I was drunk I climbed on the doorstep of my friend’s house, fell and nearly lost my leg. I was in hospital for two weeks but they got me stitches again. It left a big scar on my leg But I’m very cynical about it, you can’t see it if I’m in a bikini.


Spencer, who described herself as “loud and outgoing”, said: “I say the wrong things because I don’t have a filter. If I feel it I’ll say it right away. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes— Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it just shakes things up a bit which I find weird.

“I’ve never really dated. I’ve only dated a few girls since I was single. I went to France to see an ex once when she was on vacation with her family. So it was very romantic.

Bournemouth’s Spencer added to his claim to fame that his cousin won the Ultimate Fighter UFC and starred in the Netflix documentary The Game Changers.

His arrival came in the same episode that saw Haris Namani and Anna-May Robey exit the villa in a dramatic double dumping.

A TV salesman from Doncaster and a payroll administrator from Swansea were in tears after both Australian bombshells Jessie Winter and Aaron Waters were dumped from the ITV2 reality dating show, having been tasked with deciding which of their Love Island contestants be sent home

Six islanders find themselves at risk of being dumped after the public is given the chance to vote for their favorite male and female contestants.

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However it was Haris, 21, and Anna-May, 20, who were sent packing.

Haris said: “Tonight has been tough. I had the best experience of my life but if it’s time it’s time. I obviously couldn’t find the right girl and life but that doesn’t mean it stops here, I’m still looking for the girl and still want to fall in love.

Anna-May said: “I feel good because at least I’ve been completely true to myself but I’ve had the experience of a lifetime.”

Elsewhere in Wednesday’s episode, Aaron attempts to mix things up at a South African villa after setting his sights on model and property developer Zara.

While the pair were catching up in the gym, Aaron asked 25-year-old Zara – who is currently paired with 23-year-old semi-pro footballer Tom – if she was ready to get to know him.

Zara replied: “I am yes, I think we get on really well,” to which Aaron agreed, adding: “Yeah, I think so too.”

Zara said: “I don’t know whether I have told you or not, but from outside you are my type, look intelligent, what do I do and what I do in the past.”

Aaron confesses to Zara: “I think you’ve surprised me the most, obviously you’re very attractive.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX.


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