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Labor MP criticizes ‘ignorant’ minister over missing asylum-seeking children

A Labor MP made a powerful point in the Commons on Thursday over missing asylum-seeking children in Britain, criticizing the government’s “ignorant” approach.


The government admitted this week that 200 of these vulnerable children have gone missing from temporary hotel accommodation – some of them under the age of 16.

When a member of the Green Party summoned Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick to parliament to explain these reports, Labour’s shadow Northern Ireland secretary, Peter Kyle, took aim.

He said he had only received hours’ notice that 76 unaccompanied children were being held in a hotel within his constituency of Hove.

Labor MPs then went on to visit this accommodation, and told the Commons, “To suggest that these are specialist facilities is ignorant,” with the minister claiming that the government was still meeting its obligation to protect our children.


Kyle continued: “In the days that followed, I myself saw and met the kids there, but some of them were extremely vulnerable, finding themselves emotionally vulnerable, vulnerable if they should leave the premises to commit crimes. were.

“So I contacted the council, I contacted the police, I contacted social services, I contacted their department at the Home Office – the only organization that responded, I believe, effectively and with the kind of seriousness that We hope, it was Sussex Police.

“But they lacked the facilities and the resources and the powers to do the work required.


“It is wrong to say that these children are not driven to crime because last year Sussex Police chased a car which collected two children from outside this hotel.

“When they managed to get this car to safety, they released the two child migrants, and arrested the man driving it, a gang leader who used to force children into crime.” went there.”

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