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Labor MP condemns Sunak’s ‘pretty stupid’ seatbelt saga and Zahavi tax case


Labor MP Chris Bryant hit out at the Conservatives on Sky News after the party’s latest alleged scandals, saying the public would be “pulling their hair out”.


Bryant, who is also chair of the standards committee in parliament, is known for calling out the Conservative Party and has even called Boris Johnson a “coward” in the past.

This time after three separate crises emerged, Bryant criticized the government.

He criticized Tory party chairman Nadim Zahawi – who was in the midst of a multi-million pound dispute with HMRC when he was chancellor – and PM Rishi Sunak, who received a police fine for not wearing a seatbelt in a video of his own team uploaded on social media.

Bryant told Sky News’ Sarah-Jane Mee: “It doesn’t feel like we’ve moved on at all, is it over last year.”


Twelve months ago, it was Partygate that hit the headlines amid a stream of allegations that social gatherings in the government were held at the height of the Covid lockdown.

As Bryant indicated, we are now two prime ministers later, but the crisis remains.

“It seems the past three years have been an endless bad news cycle of stories about some form of dullness in government – ​​or, for that matter, in parliament,” he said.


“I think a lot of people in the country will be pulling their hair out saying, ‘Can’t you just do your job, sort yourself out and turn around for the things that really matter? keep?”

Public sector employees are on strike across the country at a time when the recession is on and the cost of living crisis is tightening its grip.

Bryant continued: “This is not to say that these issues don’t matter – they really do.


“You cannot sign over your own tax return to the Chancellor of the Exchequer as it was with HMRC.

“I think Nadeem has some very serious questions to answer about who he told them, why he told them, what he told them.”

On Sunak not wearing a seatbelt in his own promotional video, Bryant claimed: “It seems so stupid that the prime minister didn’t see that he was breaking the law and he actually put out a video of it, and yes, I am fully aware that there are other politicians who may have done similar things in the past.

“But it looks like this is a government that has learned nothing from the scandals we have seen over the past two years and the sage cynic is no better than Boris Johnson, Liz Truss or anyone else.”

“It just makes him (Sunak) look very clumsy and unlucky and with bad judgement,” Bryant said.

“The worst part of this is that my constituents are facing a really tough time at the moment – ​​the NHS and Tory MPs have even suggested we should pay to go to the GP – and life is in crisis Problems with the cost of – we end up having to deal with these issues. ,

He continued: “I fear this country will not sort itself out until a great many of them are gone.”

Bryant stopped short of commenting on a third alleged scandal surrounding the Tory party at this time – allegations that ex-PM Johnson had allegedly recommended Richard Sharpe for the role of BBC chair, after Sharpe helped him secure an £800,000 loan. Just a few weeks after helping

The Labor MP noted “standards in matters of public life”, but said he did not wish to discuss the matter in detail after it finished before his own committee.

But, he spoke about the declining “trust” of the public in politicians in general.

He said ministers needed “all the trust they can get from the British people” when it comes to dealing with the Ukraine war, a livelihood crisis – but they “wasted it”.

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