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Jacinda Ardern gets emotional over final stint as New Zealand prime minister


Ardern shocked last week when she said she was resigning after more than five years as leader because she had nothing left in the tank.


Over the weekend his Labor Party colleagues voted unanimously on Sunday for Chris Hipkins to take over as prime minister, and he will be sworn in on Wednesday.

Ardern’s final act as leader was to join Hipkins and other MPs attending the ceremony at the Ratana meeting grounds, home of the indigenous Maori religious movement.

Ardern told reporters that she had been friends with Hipkins for nearly 20 years and spent two hours with him on the drive to the meeting ground. She said the only real advice she could give was, “You do you.”

Ardern said, “It’s up to her now. It’s up to her to create her own space to be the kind of leader she wants to be.” “Really, there’s no advice I can really provide. I can share information, I can share experiences, but that’s it for now.”


Jacinda Ardern and incoming Labor leader and Prime Minister, Chris Hipkinson

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Ardern also addressed the widespread discussion that has followed her announcement about the vitriolic and misogynistic attacks on her on social media – something she has said did not contribute to her decision to step down does.

Ardern said, “Although there has been little comment since I left, I would hate for anyone to see my departure as a negative comment on New Zealand.” “I have experienced such love, compassion, empathy and kindness when I have been in this job. It has been my prime experience.”

Hipkins told reporters that the leadership change was “bitter sweet”.


He added, “Obviously, I’m really honored to take on this role, but as is well known, Jacinda is a very good friend of mine.”

Ms Ardern was in tears during the public event

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At the meeting grounds, Ardern was greeted with hugs and songs. She told those in attendance that she would leave her job for New Zealand and its people with more love and affection than when she started.


“I didn’t think it was possible,” she said.

He said that his colleagues were extraordinary people.

“I have never done this work alone,” Ardern said. “I did it with these wonderful servants from New Zealand. And I leave knowing that you are in the best of hands.”

Ardern plans to stay on as a member of parliament until April to avoid triggering a special election before the country’s general election in October. She said she was drawn to her new, relatively obscure role.

Ardern told reporters, “I am ready to be a lot.” “I am ready to be a backbench MP. I am ready to be a sister and a mother.”

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