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How to Provide Aid and Support During Labor


The Internet can be a scary place sometimes. But sometimes, it can really bring out the best in us.


A father-to-be recently asked social media people for help as he and his partner prepare for Birth of their child.

“What is one thing your partner did, said or brought to the hospital that really helped you through your birth experience?” wrote Dave Whiteside, a research consultant in Ontario, Canada, on Twitter.

He said he is expecting a ” dad Hoping to support my wife in the best possible ways,” Joe is ready to take notes.

Amidst all the best wishes for their impending arrival, their tweet responses ranged from the super practical (bring the snacks!) to the importance of advocating for a birth partner when they’re struggling to advocate for themselves.


Whether you’re a potential birth partner — or maybe you’re about to give birth and want to send some pointers to your partner — here’s some of the best advice we found from the tweets.

1. Believe your birth partner when they tell you something is wrong.

2. Be willing to advocate for your partner when they can’t advocate for themselves.


3. Familiarize yourself with the hospital bag so you know where things are when your partner asks for them.

4. Pack lots of snacks – for labor, for the hospital stay. Heck, order takeout to celebrate after the birth.

5. Be calm.


6. Back massage and massage are helpful.

7. Set the music.

8. Bring all the things *you* need with you.

9. Get a grip on the car seat ahead of time.

10. If your birth partner is planning on giving birth vaginally, learn about C-sections (just in case).

11. Pack a few little luxuries for them to enjoy after the birth. Evian Face Mist? Yes, please.

12. Bring drinks and snacks for the hospital staff.

13. Be the person responsible for each nappy change and feeding after the baby is born.

14. Do help the nappy as far as possible.

15. After it’s all done, tell your birth partner how wonderful they are – and keep checking in.

16. Help keep track of their care in the days after birth.

17. In the days and weeks that follow, be as available to your partner as possible.

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