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‘How much is your house worth?’ how to use


To determine your home’s value, first look at your particular micro market. Dublin is first and is listed in order of its postcode. Even numbers go first (starting at Dublin 2), then odd numbers (Dublin 1 and upwards) followed by North Counties, South Counties and West Counties.


List the Leinster counties next under the dark blue color code. Under a red color code, Munster comes together with the city and county markets of Cork, Limerick and all of Munster County.

How much is your house worth in 2023?

These are followed by Connaught Market, including colour-coded green, and Galway City. Finally, we list the Ulster counties. These pages have an orange color code.

In our tables we have listed the most common types of property first. These usually (but not always) include three and four bed semis in the cities and three and four bed bungalows in the counties.


Trace through the table to find your asset type. You’ll see our appraiser’s estimate of how much an average edition in the area would sell for today. Here you will also find last year’s valuation estimate for this property type and what the local auctioneer believes this type to be worth a year from now based on prevailing conditions in your local market.

Although we list the better known locations or largest population centers at the top of each market, all locations in the county/postcode are included in the research. In some cases (such as Terenure or Portarlington) the locations cross more than one postcode or county. You will then find an in-depth analysis for each micromarket based on our local appraiser’s views and local market factors.

You will find an overall ‘average price’ listed for your local market. This figure is based on the average price of a group of the most exclusive property types in the area. Where there are too few property types to list in our tables, we have omitted these – for example, there are no two storey over-basement properties listed in Dublin 10 (Ballyfermot).


How much is the house worth to you? 2023 is an opinion-based survey built on the professional and informed opinion of local experts as to what the average version of each property type listed would sell for today.

It is not scientifically compiled. but because How much is the house worth to you? 2023 It is calculated over a period during which prices do not change (from the week immediately before Christmas to the beginning of January), is accurate to date and these prices are current; Unlike other barometers based on prices or on old mortgage data.

All figures are based on the ‘average of the average’ of all existing housing stock in the mentioned geographic locations. So if your home is located in a better or less healthy part of your postcode or county, you’ll need to account for those differences on your own.


Certain asset types and markets sometimes exhibit trends that defy the norm. Where possible, we have pointed out these irregularities. For example, if two-bed terraces are more expensive than three-bed terraces, it may be because the former are all located in a more expensive part of the postcode/county. Where a market is too large to be covered by the expertise of one agent (eg, Donegal), we enlist the help of two.

Where highly priced enclaves skew the average significantly, we have isolated them and treated them separately (Killarney and Clontarf). Where imbalances or inaccuracies have occurred historically, or when we have changed local experts, we have retrospectively readjusted our data to bring it into line. Each report is accompanied by a picture of a property that has been sold in the last 12 months and has a price publicly listed on the Property Value Register.

You can use our value guide to value not only your home but properties across Ireland – making this publication perfect for those looking to buy a holiday home, an investment property or, indeed, homes Let’s imagine getting a good nose at values. by others.
So how much is your home worth in 2023? How much are they worth? In college irish independent There are answers.

How much is your house worth in 2023?


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