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Helena Bonham Carter Says Her Entry Into The Showbiz Industry Was ‘All A Blog’


Helena Bonham Carter says that the start of her career and entry into the industry as a teenager was “everything a sham”.


The Hollywood star, best known for roles in Harry Potter, Fight Club and Sweeney Todd, said at a young age she “decided to be confident” and “much wiser than I am now”.

Speaking to Caitlin Moran in an interview for The Times, the actress discussed all manner of topics including public perception, handwriting and dogs as well as her upcoming ITV series Knolly.



The Hollywood star known for roles in Harry Potter, Fight Club and Sweeney Todd says she ‘decided to be confident’ at an early age (Ian West/PA)

The show, written by Russell T Davies, explores the story of Crossroads star Noel Gordon, who was infamously and controversially fired from the show at the age of 61.

Bonham Carter, 56, came to international fame at the age of 19 following her performance in A Room with a View, in which she starred opposite Julian Sands.

The actress’s mother suffered a mental breakdown when she was young and her father suffered a stroke when she was 13.

Dad was sick, and I just had this feeling, ‘Well, a terrible thing has happened. I am the master of my destiny now’Helena Bonham Carter

Speaking about his teenage years and introduction to the creative industry, he said: “It was all a blur.”

“Dad was ill, and I just realized this moment, ‘Well, a terrible thing has happened. I am the master of my own destiny now.’ I was very serious at 13.

Bonham Carter said that after somewhat slyly winning a high school writing contest, she used the money to get a headshot photo taken and hired an agent.

“(I said) ‘I want to act. Please help me! I’d be interested in going to auditions.’ I had decided to be reassessed,” she said.

“I was very under-confident when I was 11. So when I went to senior school, I thought, ‘This is the time to rediscover yourself – and if you project a different self, People will believe him’.”

She said: “I was very sensible then. I promise you: I used to be a lot wiser than I am now.

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The full interview with Helena Bonham Carter can be found at The Times.


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