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Germany is facing criticism for its reluctance to send tanks to Ukraine




A five-hour military meeting at a US air base in Germany failed to resolve divisions over providing advanced battle tanks to Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has appealed to Western allies to expedite the delivery of military support – including badly needed heavy armor – to his country’s struggle against aggressor Russia.

Addressing a pledging conference at the US airbase in Ramstein, Germany, he urged the assembled defense ministers to agree “in principle” to supply their military with modern battle tanks.

Poland’s defense minister, which has pledged 14 Leopard tanks to a company on the condition that other countries also supply them, said 15 countries discussed the issue of German-made Leopards but no decision was taken.


Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszak called the meeting a “good discussion between the allies” and said the matter would be discussed again in future talks.

Germany would have to agree to deliver the tanks to Ukraine, which is not a NATO member. Despite pleas from Ukrainian officials, Germany has so far resisted mounting pressure to supply Kyiv with Leopard 2 tanks, or at least clear the way for other countries such as Poland to deliver them from their own stocks. Have done

The US has opposed providing its own M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, citing the extensive and complex maintenance and logistics challenges with the high-tech vehicle. Washington believes that sending German Leopards would be more productive because many allies have them and that Ukrainian troops would need less training than the more difficult Abrams.


Speaking remotely from Ukraine, Mr Zelensky thanked allies for their past support, but said “hundreds of thanks are not hundreds of tanks”.

“We have to speed up. Time should become our weapon, like air defense and artillery, armored vehicles and tanks, about which we are talking to you and which will really bring victory,” he said.


“You can start this policy today. It is in your power to make a Ramstein of tanks. Not to bargain about individual numbers of tanks but to open up the principle of supply that will stop the Russian evil.

Meanwhile, a Kremlin spokesman said the deployment of Western tanks would have “clearly negative” consequences.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said during a media briefing, “All these tanks will need both maintenance and repair, so (sending them) will add to Ukraine’s problems, but will give the Russian side something to achieve its goals.” won’t change either.” Briefing Friday.

Austin and US Army General Mark MilleyThe Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was expected to discuss it latest massive aid package The US is sending, which totals $2.5 billion and includes Stryker armored vehicles for the first time.

The United Kingdom announced last week that it would send Challenger 2 Tank, describing it as a natural progression of military aid to Ukraine.

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