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From Shakira to Fleetwood Mac: Top 10 Revenge Songs


Shakira has proved that revenge is a dish best served with a dance beat. Her latest hit, Shakira BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53 (the tune is catchier than the title) has already made history as YouTube’s most viewed new Latin song, with 63 million views in the first 24 hours of its release. Viewed times.


Her ex, former Manchester United and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique (35) and his partner, Clara Chia, have zinger lines like these in a viral break-up track: “I’m worth two 22-year-olds. You bought a Ferrari.” Replaced with a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio” and “Lots of gym. But also exercise a little brain.” Pique may be the footballer but it’s definitely his ex who’s putting down the boot.

However, Shakira is far from the first artist to realize the potential of getting bad break-up complaints off your chest and up the charts. Here’s our top 10.

10 cry Me A River (2002)
Justin Timberlake

JT and Britney were pop’s golden couple, right down to the matching double-denim outfits, but a break-up, amid rumors of cheating, gave Timberlake all the ammo he needed to launch his second solo single. The song, about getting revenge on an unfaithful ex, famously featured a Britney lookalike in the video. The former NSync star debuted the hit at a 2012 gig, saying: “Sometimes you think you’ve found the love of your life, but then you realize she was just a bitch.” It took 20 years for Timberlake to finally apologize to the UK for “falling short” and benefiting from a “wrongfully vilified system”.



Justin Timberlake later apologized to Britney Spears for “falling short” 20 years after their break-up. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

9 love yourself (2015)
Justin Biber

the singer told nme He often writes about specific people in his lyrics, especially ex-girlfriends, but anger is added about love yourself: “I don’t want people to know who it’s about.” That hasn’t stopped everyone from spying. The strong money is on Bieber’s most high-profile ex, Selena Gomez — even though mom Bieber has always maintained that she likes Gomez, which doesn’t match up with the song’s worst line: “My mom likes you.” doesn’t, and she likes everybody”—and surely singer-turned-actress Bunny wouldn’t need to use someone else’s name to join a club? But for most detectives, the fact Turns out that Gomez has a tattoo reading “Love Yourself First” in Arabic, which seems a bit too coincidental.

8 Go your way (1976)
Fleetwood Mac

“Tell me why / Everything’s changed / Packing up / Shaking up is all you wanna do.” Ouch. The song was written by Lindsey Buckingham after splitting with Stevie Nicks and then, in an added level of weirdness, performed together, complete with Nicks’ new boyfriend, drummer Mick Fleetwood. “It was definitely a message within a song,” she later said sarcastically. “And not a very good one at that.” Barbs traded by the songwriting duo resulted in a string of bittersweet hits, but eventually tore the band apart.


Trading barbs: Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac in 1979. Photo by Abate Roberts / Redferns

7 can’t keep us down (2003)
Christina Aguilera

After rapper Eminem bitched himself in his 2000 hit film and was the victim of some obscenity accusations the real Slim ShadyXtina decides to retaliate in kind, including singing the lines: “So, what, shouldn’t I voice my opinion? / Should I just keep quiet ’cause I’m a woman? / Call me a bitch ’cause I speak my mind.” Baat Kehti Hoon” and on the women’s empowerment anthem “You must talk so big, make up for the little things”. can’t keep us down, In 2018, she finally confirmed that the hit was in response to the rapper’s words, stating Billboard: “What was great was how badass I was at such a young age (she was 21) then writing can’t keep us down,

6 shout out to my ex (2016)
little Mix

video of the day

Shortly after Perrie Edwards penned the break-up anthem, One Direction’s Zayn Malik called off their engagement (reportedly by text message), calling it the “most special” song he’d ever written. As if the line “I hope she’s having better sex / I hope she ain’t fakin’ like I did, babe” wasn’t brutal enough, fans believe Edwards in 2017 wrote “I Kiya” to “Hadid” in the performance, throwing direct shade at Gigi Hadid, Malik’s partner at the time.

5 better than revenge (2010)
Taylor Swift

Proving that the subject of a diss track doesn’t have to be an ex-boyfriend (though more on that later), Swift has amassed a significant back catalog of hits airing grievances against the many people she considered that he has done wrong. Katy Perry has come under fire for allegedly poaching dancers (bad blood) and everyone from Kanye to Calvin Harris gets a hat tip look what you made me do, However, some of her most questionable lyrics – “She’s an actress, he/she is better known for the things she does on the mattress” are said to be aimed at Camilla Belle, who followed Swift to Joe Jonas. Dated Given that Swift herself has spoken out against being slut-shamed in the past, many feel Belle deserves a long overdue apology.

4 rolling in The Deep (2010)

Few people have handled emotional heartbreak in the award-winning hit with such panache as Adele. rolling in The Deep One of many songs inspired by the betrayal of an ex-boyfriend. The pain of lines like “Baby, I ain’t got no story to tell / But I heard one on you, now I’m gonna burn your head / In the depths of your despair / Make a home there”, as I’m sure won’t be shared,” sound like a woman out and about for revenge, but the Grammy-winner has always remained enigmatic over the identity of her ex (rumored to be photographer Alex Sturrock), once telling Was Guardian: “Who cares? No celebrities, just old boyfriends. I don’t date celebrities. I’m not Taylor Swift, you know what I mean?”

3 you are worthless (1972)
carly simon

“You had one eye in the mirror when you saw yourself gavotte / And all the girls dreamed they’d be your partner / You’re so vain / You probably think this song is about you.” But what was the song about? After decades of keeping people guessing (was it Mick Jagger? James Taylor?), Simon finally revealed that the proud inspiration for his biggest hit was none other than Warren Beatty. Well, second verse anyway. She is still keeping shut about who is flying her jet to Nova Scotia and is often found with “the wife of a close friend”. Amusing though, when asked whether Beatty knew the second verse was about him, Simon’s reply was very on-brand: “Warren thinks the whole thing is about him!”

2 you Oughta Know (1995)
Alanis Morissette

Actor Dave Coupier, who dated the singer in the early ’90s, bizarrely refers to himself as ‘Mr. Duplicity’ of the song and has given several interviews about how he heard you Oughta Know playing on the radio and immediately realized it was him because yeah, Morissette did Called him in the middle of dinner after the break-up (though he’s been a little more reticent about going into any details about what happened at that theater). But for her part, Morissette vowed never to reveal the inspiration, and wondered why any of her exes wanted credit, saying: “I’m singing about someone who’s a Dutch. or donkey, you might not want to say, ‘Hey! That’s me!'”


Tit for Tit: Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas have both written songs about their relationship. Photo by Jeff Kravitz via Getty

1 forever forever (2008)
Taylor Swift

Let’s face it, no one has turned a revenge song into an art form quite like Taylor Swift. We’ve Accused John Mayer of Playing a “Dark and Twisted Game” dear johnJake Gyllenhaal is widely considered not only a red-scarf hogging inspiration We will never be together again but all too well (re-release of the latter Human Error The star had levels of blacklash by the die-hard Swiftie over a relationship that ended more than a decade ago, as the star took to her Instagram to close the comments) while “a new notch in your belt is all I’ll ever be”. was firmly on par with Harry Styles (I knew you were trouble,

But the singer’s love affair with complain songs began when she was just 18 and endured the humiliation of being dumped by Joe Jonas in a 27-second phone call. Interestingly, it also saw the birth of the vengeful revenge song, “All the tears on her guitar / I’m not bitter / But now I see / All I ever needed / Is the girl in front of me / She’s so Better” in the 2009 Jonas Brothers song much improved It is believed to be a retort to Swift.


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