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Eva Green called ‘filmmakers a***holes’ in WhatsApp chat – court to hear


Actress Eva Green has called producers “a***holes” and branded crew members as “peasants” over a doomed £4million film project she plans to sabotage Alleges, the High Court is ready to hear.


The 42-year-old French actress, a former Bond girl with Daniel Craig, signed up to star in British sci-fi film A Patriot in 2019 alongside Helen Hunt and Charles Dance.

However, in October of that year, production was shut down after a spectacular fallout between Green – an executive producer as well as star – financial backer White Lantern, and executive producers Jake Seal and Terry Byrd.

The actress sued for her £830,000 fee, even though the film was never made, but then faced a counterclaim accusing her of deliberately ruining the production.

Warring factions Tuesday (24th), in a case that would broadcast dirty messages sent by Greene about the people she was working with.


She is accused of referring to Mr Seal as a “devious sociopath” and a “mad man” in WhatsApp exchanges, revealed ahead of the trial, while she labeled Mr Bird a “f***ing moron”.

When the actress wanted “her team” around her to shoot the film, she texted her agent to complain: “I need my team around me so I can handle any evil that Jake (Seal) may do.” throws at me”, court documents reveal.

Green said: “My team will have to be pulled out and I will be obliged to take members of my Shy Farmer crew from Hampshire.”


The Sin City 2 and Dumbo actress signed up in May 2019 to play Border Corps captain Kate Jones in a futuristic totalitarian state, with British writer Dan Pringle directing her original script with a budget of £4 million.

According to court papers, Green has been accused of “engaging in conduct that shows he had no intention and/or desire to complete the production of the film”.


The actress claims that he made “unreasonable” demands on crew hiring, filming schedule changes, location changes, and script editing.

In the messages, Green told Mr Pringle: “At the end of the day, we want to get rid of Terry (Bird). And his big boss (Mr Seal).

She then says: “My name is Cruella”.

In a message put forward to support an allegation that Green had deliberately tried to undermine the film’s production, she agreed to “find a way out of Jake’s (Seal) claws”.

She is said to have told her assistant to ignore the messages from Mr Seal and Mr Bird, calling them “arseholes” and saying: “I’m trying to get us transferred somewhere else. But please don’t tell them or else I will be sued.

“The film will get other producers and we will stick with kind people. Just don’t answer. play deaf

The trial is set to find out in detail how the production of the film broke down and who was to blame.

In mid-October 2019, a representative for Green sent a message to say he was “ready, willing and able to offer his services”, which was reportedly a deliberate lie.

It is said that he and associates pretended to be content with the production while privately dubbing it “Operation Fake It” as they sought ways.

In her submissions to the court, Green insisted that she met her obligations under the deal and that she had been wrongfully denied her fee.

She states that she had “rights of approval” on production hires, and wanted “a good team so that the film is as good as it can be”.

Green says that by the end of July he had “serious concerns about several aspects of the production, including the defendant’s funding status and interactions with crew members who misled him”.

Green said that she “absolutely” denies the allegation that she sabotaged the production or did not want the project to succeed.

He did not seek to undermine or frustrate the film’s production. On the contrary, he made every effort to ensure that the film was a success, including spending his own money on various occasions to engage a talented crew. Includes offer to use.

“However, she was concerned about the lack of progress, the absence of any proper pre-construction and the lack of professionalism of Mr Seal and Mr Bird.”

Greene admits to sending the messages at the center of the case, but says they will be fully analyzed for context during the trial.

White Lantern Film (Britannica) Ltd. and a second defendant, SMC Specialty Finance LLC, said in a statement that they are “disappointed” to be involved in legal action, including a counterclaim against Greene, but would like to “recover substantial damages.” I am “confident”. which he alleges has suffered as a result of Ms Green’s conduct.”

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