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Eubank Jr vs Smith Live! Boxing Fight Stream, TV Channels, Latest Updates & Undercard Results


Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith settled their differences inside the ring on a huge night of British boxing at the Manchester Arena. There’s a lot of animosity and no shortage of animosity between the middleweight rivals, with their final press conference descending into unpleasant, offensive chaos. Eubanks Jr. wore a rainbow armband at yesterday’s weigh-in in response to homophobic comments.


Both fighters will hope to put those ugly rows behind them in this evening’s highly anticipated main event, with Eubank Jr. looking to move on from the Conor Benn saga and Smith looking to keep alive his dreams of becoming a world champion twice more Have a goal. the champion. It’s a battle of style and pace against relentless pressure, which should make for a spectacular sight.

There’s also plenty of undercard to look forward to on Saturday, with Richard Riakoporé taking on Krzysztof Głowacki, Joseph Parker returning against Jack Massey and Fraser Clarke, as well as a fight between Eko Essumon and Chris Kongo. Frankie Stringer started the night off with a win. Follow Eubank Jr. vs. Smith live below!

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Forrest easily overpowers Bosseta

The referee’s verdict is 60-54, with each round going to Forrest.

He goes to 4-0 and could be a very interesting addition to an already stacked British cruiserweight scene.

He’s going through the gears but the 28-year-old can’t be brought along as slowly as his camp probably wants.


Forrest vs Bosseta

Forrest’s efforts were not lacking in that last round.

He throws everything to try for another stoppage, supporting Baucetta and letting go of his hands again.


However, he can’t get it out there and goes the distance for the first time as a professional.

He will be grateful for the round but disappointed at not being able to maintain his knockout streak.


Forrest vs Bosseta

We go to the final round.

Forrest has won every round so far and is cruising to a one-point victory, but can he get a late stoppage to keep his knockout run going?

Expect a tremendous effort from the Scotland star in the final three minutes…


Forrest vs Bosseta

More daring than Boucetta in the fifth and penultimate round, he takes the advice of his corner to try and land a right hand.

But it’s a strong finish from Forrest, who revs up the pace and lifts his opponent’s legs with another powerful drive that finds the target.

The problem for Bosseta is that he is being tagged with heavy counters every time he tries to open himself up.


Forrest vs Bosseta

Forrest is clearly very keen indeed to keep his knockout streak going and still apply the pressure all through round four.

But he’s not doing nearly as good a job with the jab at the moment, loading up a bit too much and telegraphing those big shots.

Boucetta’s corner desperate for him to start his right, he tried to overcock some big overhands, but with little accuracy.


Forrest vs Bosseta

Not quite as punishing as Forrest in the third – he was also caught out with a stunning shot from Bosseta who warned not to let complacency get him down.

Forrest looked a little fatigued in that round, like he was definitely feeling the momentum of those frantic early efforts.

He’s still in complete control and forcing the pace, chasing down Baucetta and taking him down at every opportunity.

But not as much accuracy or even in measuring or setting up larger punches.


Forrest vs Bosseta

More of the same from Forrest in the other.

He continues to apply pressure on Baucetta, finding targets behind elbows with some crunching body shots.

He backed him up against the ropes and at one stage landed three uppercuts in a row.

Forrest is doubling up on the jab really well, setting up those big punches with ease.

A tired Busetta would expect him to start passing himself out of gas because he certainly can’t handle much more than that.


Forrest vs Bosseta

A brilliant first round from the heavyset Forrest, who has already given some real punishment.

He’s working the jab well, blasting lots of hooks and landing at will with a crushing right hand to both the head and body, stringing together some fast combinations.

Nice durability on display from Boucetta, to their credit, but it already looks very ominous for them.


Forrest vs Bosseta

Delayed start due to a problem with Boucetta’s groin protector.

He too is leveled with a big right hook behind the ear shortly after the first bell.

He’s taken it well, but it could be over quickly if he doesn’t ease this severe initial pressure…


Forest vs Bosseta Next

Scott Forrest vs. Amin Bosseta will open the main undercard in Manchester very soon.

Forrest is 3-0 as a pro at cruiserweight, with all three wins coming via impressive knockout.

At 28, he will look to continue his rapid rise through the ranks in a six-round meeting with 7-5 Amine Bosseta – a Moroccan nicknamed ‘The Beast’ who fights from Belgium.

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