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Eubank Jr vs Smith Live! Boxing Fight Stream, TV Channels, Latest Updates & Undercard Results


Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith clash in a huge evening of British boxing at the Manchester Arena tonight. There is so much bad blood between the middleweight rivals and no let-up in the growing animosity, their final press conference on Thursday descended into offensive chaos. Eubank Jr. wore a rainbow armband to yesterday’s tense weigh-in in response to his opponent’s homophobic remarks.


Both boxers are expected to put behind an unpleasant few days in this evening’s highly anticipated main event, with Eubank Jr. trying to finally move on from the Conor Benn saga and Smith trying to keep alive his dreams of becoming Twice and Twice More Have a goal. weight world champion. It’s a battle of style and pace against relentless pressure, which should make for a spectacular sight.

In Saturday’s main support act, Richard Riakporhey strongly held off Krzysztof Glowacki. Eko Essumon remains British and Commonwealth welterweight champion after a close fight with Chris Kongo, while Joseph Parker also saw off the challenge of Jack Massey and Fraser Clarke 5-0 after opening the night with victories over Frankie Stringer and Matty Harris. moved ahead of Follow Eubank Jr. vs. Smith live below!

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Now the question will be will we get a rematch?

It is well known that Eubank Jr. has a rematch clause in his contract and he later openly voiced it in the ring, even suggesting that they could do it at Anfield.

But does he really want it after the harrowing nature of that loss? Naturally questions will now be asked as to whether going up and down in weight has had an extremely detrimental effect on Eubank Jr. What happened to his solid chin? Smith is actually a light-middleweight and he just cleaned that up.


Smith would certainly be open to a rematch, and he had a devious smile on his face as he told Eubank Jr. that he could do it at 157 or 158 if he wanted to.

But huge respect to Eubank Jr. for being so gracious in defeat, despite his reputation for arrogance. He added that he has always had great respect for the Smith Fighting family and says he regrets how things got out of hand in the build-up to this week.



It was a shocking left uppercut that sent Eubank Jr. spinning into the corner at first, followed by a precise barrage from Smith that sent him down.

Although he got up, his legs were all over the place and the fight could be stopped right there. But he was allowed to continue and Smith went for it once again, throwing in a couple more fumbles to send him down again and invite the referee to step in.

What a great performance. Smith moves to 33-3-1 and will feel he now has a realistic chance to potentially become another two-weight world champion.

Eubank Jr. graceful after his third professional loss. Where does he go from here? His hopes for big-name bouts and world titles in 2023 took a huge hit.

Action Image via Reuters

It’s nice to see Smith and Eubank Jr. in a dignified hug after everything that’s happened over the past few days.

Eubank Jr. looks dazed and already has a large swelling around his right eye.


Really incredible from Smith. what a performance

I think Roy Jones may have thrown in the towel there but referee Victor Loughlin had already stepped in.

What’s bothering Beefy to awesome.


Smith Stops Eubank Jr. In Round Four

EUBANK JR is down early in round four after a big left hand!

He’s back on his feet but on the ledge and walked with his feet in all kinds of trouble!

Smith goes for the finish and gets it as the referee steps in when Eubank Jr. is sent down again!

brilliant! Smith wins via stoppage in the fourth! Incredible!


Eubank Jr. vs. Smith

Both the fighters are trying to trap each other everywhere in a really engaging contest.

Eubank Jr. is hitting really well in the third now, following up with a beautiful uppercut that quickly gives way to a trio of excellent shots in the middle of the ring.

Eubank Jr.’s show of class began during a spectacular finish to the round, Smith being punished for a sudden lack of movement to the head and legs as he punched through with another punishing uppercut to the inside.

Definitely Eubank Jr.’s round, that.


Eubank Jr. vs. Smith

Eubank Jr. snaps into that fast, stylish jab with more menace as he begins the second in far more purposeful fashion.

But here comes the pressure again from Smith, trying to drive into more right-handers who have so far found the target.

Eubank Jr. needs to strengthen his defense on that front.

Full bust from Eubank Jr., who is being chased relentlessly.

It’s the measured and patient stuff of Beefy, who continues to take him down and pick his moments.

Smith, moving forward with a flurry at the end of the round, found Eubank Jr.’s shoulder rolling.

Action Image via Reuters

Eubank Jr. vs. Smith

Eubank Jr. starts off on the front foot, looking well and full of energy.

But the first notable shot of the fight is a stinging counter over the top from Smith who finds the mark.

Both boxers are trying to feel their way into the bout as Smith builds up that relentless trademark pressure, forcing him to the corner and dropping that right hand again.

A solid first round from Beefy, which I guess was enough to take it.


Eubank Jr. vs. Smith

An even bigger boon for Eubanks Jr., who goes from hero to villain in the blink of an eye.

I guess he was expecting a good reception from the crowd tonight after the last few days, but it didn’t happen.

Although it is not as if it will dissuade him from one stroke.

He is a revelation in this role, as we saw against Liam Williams in Cardiff almost 12 months ago.

here is my!

the countryside

Eubank Jr. has to be lured from his dressing room as he purposely leaves Smith waiting inside the ring for as long as possible.

‘Still Dre’ being his ring-walk music of choice, he enjoys some boos while staring at the crowd before going through the ropes.

Love him or hate him, he’s a pure showman – just like his old man self.

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