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Enoch Burke fired from position at Wilson’s hospital school


School teacher Enoch Burke has been dismissed from his position at Wilson Hospital School.


A statement issued by him to the Irish Independent confirmed that his employment has been terminated today.

The move came a day after the teacher and his family members attended a disciplinary meeting.

The GardaĆ­ were summoned to a meeting organized by the school’s board of management after Mr Burke, his mother Martina, sister Ammi and brother Isaac loudly objected to the presence of two lawyers and the absence of the board chairman.


The statement said Mr Burke attended Wilson Hospital School today.

“He was informed in person today at 3:30 p.m. in the presence of Board of Management Chairman John Rogers and Principal Frank Milling that he has been dismissed.”

The brief statement again highlighted Mr. Burke’s objection to the lawyers’ presence and Mr. Roger’s absence from the disciplinary meeting.


Mr. Burke, an evangelical Christian, was suspended last August following incidents in which he requested school management to call a transgender student by a new name and use the pronouns “they/their” in relation to the child. had clashed with

He said that doing so would be a violation of his religious beliefs.

Despite being suspended, he continued to come to work, even though the school had barred him from doing so by order of the High Court.


This led to him being jailed for 108 days for contempt of court.

Despite his refusal to purge his contempt he was eventually released from Mountjoy just before Christmas and warned by a judge that he could find himself behind bars if he disobeyed orders again. Can be found behind or have your property confiscated.

However, he resumed appearances at the school in Multifarnham, Co Westmeath, on 5 January, when it reopened after the Christmas break.

While at school, he was confined to a corridor and kept away from the students.

Although yesterday’s meeting was held in private, Burke could be heard shouting from the hallway outside the conference room at the Mullingar Park Hotel and repeatedly chanting: “Chairman John Rogers must be present at this meeting”. , “Where’s the president?” and “It’s a sham. It’s a cover up”.

Mr. Rogers was unable to attend due to a health issue.

The meeting was eventually suspended and Burke left the conference room.

Burke then protested loudly as it resumed in another room in his absence.

When the meeting ended, two guards were there to escort some of the people present in the hotel out.

Burke, however, overtook Mr. Milling and the others at the exit of a restaurant, followed them along the driveway in front of the hotel and then returned to the hotel lobby, continuing to thrash them.

The school did not comment on the outcome of the meeting.

While Mr Burke has now been sacked, this is far from the end of the matter.

The High Court is set to rule next week on an application for confiscation of his properties for ongoing contempt.

A legal action taken by the school against Mr Burke is due to be heard in the coming months, as is a counterclaim alleging his suspension was erroneous and illegal.

The Court of Appeal is also due to hear Mr Burke’s appeals against various High Court orders next month.


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