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Doja Cat wears false eyelash mustache and beard at Paris Fashion Week


Doja Cat once again used false eyelashes to raise eyebrows as she stepped out at 2023 Paris Fashion Week.


The rapper applied wispy false eyelashes to his chin and upper lip to create a weird looking beard and moustache.

She completed her ensemble with a tan and white pinstripe suit, green and white striped blouse and blue sunglasses as she arrived for the Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture show.

The look appears to have been inspired by Doja Cat’s comments about an outfit she wore earlier in the week, which featured shaved eyebrows.

“If Lashes is all you want, Lashes is all you’ll get,” the rapper wrote on his Instagram story ahead of the event.


Earlier this week she wore a dazzling red dress by fashion house Schiaparelli, studded with 30,000 red Swarovski crystals.

Crystals were attached to her head and body and she also wore a red silk bustier and hand-woven skirt made of lacquered wooden beads and shoes.

Viktor & Rolf unveiled their quirky collection of topsy-turvy ballgowns at Wednesday’s show.

The avant-garde show featured several models in “floating gowns” that were worn at various angles, including upside down.

“Floating gowns are layered over anatomically sculpted corsets, creating an abstract sense of surrealism.

A separate post added: “Theatrical ballgowns and surrealistic floating dresses layered over structured corsets paraded on the runway during our ‘Late Stage Capitalism Waltz’ haute couture show.”

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