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Burnout symptoms to look out for – and when it’s time to quit


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been championed for her bravery and honesty after quitting her job due to burnout.


But while it is an emotion almost all of us will experience once in our lifetime the symptoms are not always obvious.

In her resignation speech, Ardern said she did not have “enough in the tank” to continue with her job, explaining what a “challenging” past six years had taken a toll on her.

“I’m leaving, because with such a privileged role comes responsibility — the responsibility of knowing when you’re the right person to lead and when you’re not. I know what this job takes. And I know I don’t have enough in the tank anymore to do justice. It’s that simple,” said Ardern, who has become a global celebrity renowned for her progressive politics and ability to cut through the masses.

While most of us will never become prime minister, every job has its challenges, and psychological Dr. Tara Quinn-Cirillo HuffPost UK tells WebMD that it’s important to recognize symptoms early.


What are some symptoms of burnout?

  • tiredness/fatigue (most of the time)
  • feeling out of control/helpless/defeated
  • negative view of the world
  • negative thought patterns
  • self doubt
  • procrastination
  • concentration/processing issues
  • lack of enthusiasm towards work/study
  • low performance
  • sleep problems
  • mood changes/irritability
  • loss of interest- friends/family/social

However, some of these symptoms are not always synonymous with burnout.

More specific signs of burnout include…

  • to overwhelm – to be buried under the weight of something
  • being overwhelmed by feelings such as anxiety/stress or low mood
  • a state of emotional and physical and mental exhaustion
  • Increasing Deadlines and Missed Deadlines
  • decline in emotional health


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