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Builder redro to replace gas boilers with heat pumps in new detached homes




Housebuilder Redro has said homes in all its new developments will be fitted with heat pumps instead of gas boilers from this month, an industry first pledge of its kind.

The company said it is outpacing its competitors in meeting government proposals to ban gas boilers in newly built properties from 2025.

Air source heat pumps will be installed as standard in homes throughout its upcoming development, with ground floor underfloor heating in individual properties, amid plans to fit new properties with alternative heating systems.

Redrow said it will have its biggest impact ever on improving the efficiency of the homes it builds.


Gas boilers are being phased out as part of the government’s commitment to become net zero by 2050.

But Redrow said its pledge is an industry first, as other builders have committed to moving away from traditional gas boilers.

The move is expected to significantly improve the energy efficiency of newly built properties, and save people money on heating their homes.


We’re proud to invest in newer, more green technology and lead the way by offering these energy efficient amenities

Redrow chief executive Matthew Pratt told the PA news agency that its customers are seeking reassurance to help future-proof their homes with their heating.

“Our customers want premium homes that are good for their pocket and good for the planet”, he said.


He argued that making the changes before the regulation changes in 2025 would help builders stay ahead of industry changes and be easier for customers to understand.

Boss said there is a “slight increase” in the cost of installing a heat pump compared to a gas boiler.

“However, we know that customers are very happy to invest in energy efficiency and when it comes to future proofing their home”, he added.

“As these technologies become more widespread, we expect the cost to come down further.”

Mr Pratt added: “We know how important energy efficiency is to our customers and we are proud to invest in new, green technology and lead the way by offering these energy efficient features.

“This will provide our customers with an opportunity to simultaneously reduce their costs and carbon footprint.”

Heat pumps use air and a small amount of electricity to produce heat and are more environmentally friendly than gas-fired boilers when installed in an energy-efficient and well-insulated home.

Redrow tested the energy consumption for heating and hot water with a heat pump compared to a conventional gas boiler, and found that the heat pump used significantly less energy, almost twice as much compared to an A-rated boiler. Working at three times the efficiency. ,

The builder has partnered with manufacturers Mitsubishi, Vaillant and Daiken to install the new heating system.

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