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Best Radio Alarm Clocks of 2023 | evening standard




Or natural born night owls, waking up is an ordeal.

While the early birds may hop out of bed before the second rendition of their alarm goes off, we late risers languish under warm duvets, thinking of excuses where we’ve been until the P45’s exposure Don’t take us to the shower.

You can set all the phone alarms you want (two minutes apart, dance) but if you’ve gotten into the habit of turning them off half-asleep then it’s time to look at something you just can’t ignore.

A traditional alarm clock placed out of reach – not your bedside table – is your first friend, but the second is a device that will also turn on the radio.


Unlike your phone’s alarm settings or your usual playlist, morning radio shows offer a winning mix of friendly chat, news and weather updates, and music to help wake you from your slumber. A radio alarm clock proves that sometimes the old ways really are the best.

If you’re on your last alert for lateness, you can’t miss this list of the best radio alarm clocks to spend your money on. We’ve got high spec digital machines with pin-sharp audio so you wake up to crystal clear sound every morning.

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Emma Bridgewater Retro Mini DAB Radio with Bluetooth at Wallflower

Emma Bridgewater

This portable radio and alarm clock is undoubtedly Emma Bridgewater; We’ll know the brand’s cute pattern from a mile away. Offering a splash of color to your window sill and bedside table, it matters for functionality with 60 radio productions in DAB and FM, a Bluetooth speaker, USB charging port, a headphone port and a dual alarm clock with week and weekend Packs a punch. Settings packed into a compact device. Plug it into a mains socket or operate it with a battery if you want the option of taking it around.

Groove-A Atlas FM Alarm Clock Radio with Wireless Charging


If you’re short on mains plug sockets near your bed, this alarm clock offers a streamlined solution thanks to the wireless charging platform on top. Simply place your phone on the unit and as long as your mobile supports wireless charging, it will be ready to go in the morning. There is also a USB port so you can charge two devices if needed.

In addition to its powering-up capabilities, the alarm clock comes with 20 presets so you can favorite all your top stations, it auto-tunes for crystal clear audio every time and features a dual alarm that’s useful If your partner wakes up at a different time than you.

ROXEL Retro D1 Vintage DAB/FM Radio


Fans of vintage style will love this vintage-looking radio packed with modern technology. Wrapped in a red walnut wood exterior, the DAB radio and speaker run wireless on batteries, so you can tote it around the house with you without fear of tripping. There are 20 presets for DAB and FM stations, with an auto-tuner to eliminate crackle and static. Alarms can be set to sound or start the radio on a daily, weekday or weekend basis, while a snooze button will give you five extra minutes of semi-snooze.

JVC RA-D38-H DAB/FM Clock Radio – Gray

joint venture company

DAB Radio delivers seamless sound from your favorite stations, whether it’s Radio 4’s Today Morning Show or The Dave Berry Breakfast Show on Absolute. In fact you can preset up to 20 of your favorite radio stations on this solid gadget, which also displays the time on the front LCD screen and WFH comes with a 30-minute alarm snooze option for mornings when you don’t have to battle Have to travel to start work. Mains powered and comes with a one year manufacturer’s guarantee.

iBox Store Bedside Wireless Charging Radio Alarm Clock with Dimmable LED Display


There’s nothing like the slow ticking of an analog clock to keep you from drifting off to sleep at night. No such problem with this high-tech design, which not only features a dual alarm clock but also acts as a Bluetooth-enabled speaker and provides USB and Qi wireless charging for your devices. The LED clock display is dimmable so you can get a good quality sleep without the hassle of light, while the 6W speaker and passive subwoofer will fill the room with sound from your favorite stations, ensuring you wake up with a smile on your face And a tune humming from your lips.

The purchase comes with a 12 month warranty from the UK based company.

Roberts Ortus DAB Charge DAB+/FM Bluetooth Clock Radio – White


With a large clear digital display and the ability to tune into your favorite radio stations, you’ll wonder how you ever started your day without this gadget. Roberts’ clock radio can also charge devices via the USB port and supports wireless charging via a Qi wireless charging pad. You can even use it as a speaker, broadcasting your playlist through the device via the modern marvel of Bluetooth.

Sony ICF-C1B Cube FM/AM Clock Radio with LED Alarm – Black


Sleep experts recommend keeping your phone in another room when you kick back to reduce the emission of disruptive blue light that can affect your circadian rhythm. Keep your device near your keys and make room on your bedside table for this cube-shaped alarm clock instead.

From tech experts Sony, it automatically adjusts to BST and back again, so when the clocks change, and your wake-up alarm can be set to a radio instead of repetitive noise, So can offer a lot of cool ways to start the day. There are both FM and AM stations.

carlson alarm clock retro radio bamboo


Don’t love the look of a chunky silver radio in your zen-like bedroom? Not all is lost: Carlson’s option comes in a nice bamboo wood case with the time and temperature displayed on a front LED screen. The practical look runs on four AAA batteries and will appeal to fans of timeless elegance.

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