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Badenoch: Gender self-identification puts women and girls at risk from poachers




Amy Badenoch has said she opposes gender self-identification because it puts women and girls at risk from predators.

The Minister for Women and Equality argued that sexual predators would be able to “exploit any system that says you can just say you are”.

She made the comments in an interview with The Times after the UK government announced this week it would issue an unprecedented Section 35 order to block legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament to reform the gender identification process under the Scotland Act. Was getting it done.

Predators will be able to exploit any system that says you just say you are.


Holyrood’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill will approve reforms that will allow trans people to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) without the need for a medical diagnosis.

Ms. Badenoch highlighted what she sees as the risks of self-identification.

He told the newspaper, “We have no problem with the fact that we want people who are trans to be able to live their lives freely and however they want.”


“The problem is that self-identification makes life too easy for other people, we don’t want that kind of freedom.

“Predators will be able to exploit any system that says you can just say what you are.

“It’s bad enough for trans people, too. They then get confused and associate with predators and people who do bad things.


“That’s why it’s important to have a tighter system rather than a looser system.”

There is also a problem around rhetoric, he said.

“Instead of having a disagreement over whether you think self-identification is okay or not okay, people who hold a different point of view are abused, humiliated, called transphobic.

“That’s what has really poisoned the debate, and made a lot of people scared to say what they think.”

Earlier this month, Ms Badenoch announced the government was planning to limit the number of countries transgender people coming from are not required to provide medical evidence to gain legal recognition in the UK.

Currently, people who have already had their gender recognized in 41 overseas countries and territories can apply for a GRC in the UK through a simplified process.

Ms Badenoch said nations that no longer have an “equally rigorous” system to the UK’s would be removed from the list, meaning people there would have to apply for a UK GRC through the main route .

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