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4 Parenting Products I Wish I Hadn’t Bothered To Buy


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When you’re expecting your first child, it’s completely understandable that you want to fork out everything you need to make your life — and therefore your life — more comfortable.

But it can mean that we end up spending more than is necessary as far as spending is concerned. A study from Ergobaby UK found Parents In the UK, an average of £10,000 is spent on baby preparation and the cost of the first year of life.

90% of parents surveyed admitted they would overspend on baby items, with an average of £5,567 being wasted in total.

From pushchairs, car seats and cots to clothes, baby monitors and nappies, bringing a baby into the world doesn’t come cheap. As a first time mom, I definitely fell into the trap of buying things that I didn’t need when my daughter was born.


I thought they would improve our lives – but honestly, they didn’t. And I wasted money in the process. So whether you’re a parent-to-be who’s currently running out of your nursery, or a parent who’s also currently harboring some new-baby-buying-regrets, here are a few things I wish That I didn’t bother buying – and I wish I would have bought instead.

Regret #1: Cot Mobile

I don’t know what possessed me to buy a mobile for my baby’s crib. Maybe it was because it’s one of those things you typically associate with a young child’s nursery, or maybe it’s because I’ve seen so many cute babies on Instagram.


Anyway, we bought one – it was wooden with cute little sea creatures and probably cost us £50 – and we barely used it. Our little one, who was about 2-3 months old when we got it (I don’t remember exactly as I was sleep-deprived at the time), was absolutely delighted with the mobile.

But instead of appeasing her, as I thought it would, it rightly incensed her. Every time she was put down in her cot, even if she was just a little drowsy, she would look at him and ferociously kick her feet like an Irish dancer (which is exactly what you want when you’re letting your baby drift off). Desperately hoping for) off).

There would never be a point where she would get bored or tired of it – it was *the* most stimulating thing in the world – so in the end I had to remove it from sight. i know i am worst.


Oscar Wong via Getty Images

What I should have bought instead: Blackout blinds

My biggest regret – and I still haven’t bought them (what exactly is wrong with me?) – is that I didn’t get some blackout blinds installed in my daughter’s room.

I truly believe it will save him hours on those long summer nights trying to get him to sleep, in addition to getting him back to those early mornings when it was light outside at 5am. It also did me a solid favor during those many daytime naps when I closed the curtains, but the afternoon sun was so strong that the room remained stingingly bright.

I know it must have made a difference as we have since gone on holiday to Croatia and the hotel had amazing blackout curtains. what else? slept till 9:00 some mornings.

If you’re in the market for blackout blinds, these The ones from Argos (from £8) rated by expert review Being the best value roller blind, while mumsnet recommends Grow Anywhere blackout blinds (£19.26) from John Lewis. For a more temporary (not to mention travel friendly) solution.

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